Warriors of the pen unite! For we are the bringers of truth, the sharers of knowledge, and the fountains of wisdom that last throughout the ages.

It’s easy to feel stuck as a creative.

You wish you could just catch that break right? Sitting in front of a computer screen, or perhaps pen in hand — old skool.

You write because it is in your blood, you can’t do anything but write.

But nobody reads it. Your labour of love — that heart-felt story you shared, got no likes. …

by 7SinDragon DeviantARt artist.

Take my wrath and place it in a jar

Coils of guts slide through your hands

You did this with what you say

I kneel blind and torn out.

There is nothing left of me you keep it in that jar

Putrid, pickled, pulsing. It drains me so

I cannot move. I scream no sound

Blood drips from hollow lips.

A jar of condition and you hold it like a trophy

You made something ugly and you smile with pride

I don’t know who I am

This black — lighted love consumes me.

Ropes of visera slip through my fingers

You keep a guard on it

I rot from the outside in

My arms slick from this fetid tar.

Eternity of darkness, forsaken by your eyes

I wait for you to turn away

To take back what is mine.

Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash

I’ve recently engaged with The Art of Charm, an american enterprise that specialises in helping people overcome social awkwardness in a variety of life situations, and one of the many things that podcast host and AoC mastermind AJ Harbinger said that struck a chord with me is that no matter what, you should always leave people better than you found them.

There’s a lot of talk about toxic people, and most advice out there is to cut them out. Now I’m not going to say you shouldn’t do that as I went through a phase where I was so crushed…

Humanity is characterised by the virtues and sins inherent in the psyche but why must it be that way?

Photo by Gaston Roulstone on Unsplash

Often we perceive ourselves either as weak for being compassionate, loving or truthful or conversely bad for being strong willed, selfish or secretive.

These traits that elevate or doom us hang in a balance and are weighed by the Malachim, the judges who reside in heaven, upon the moment of our death.

Ever been in a situation where you desperately wanted validation or recognition from someone close, or from people you work with or for?

Ever felt that the things you so desperately want in life are so far out of your reach as to be a symbol of all that you must accept cannot be yours?

Life is a series of challenges, while control the greatest mindfuck. We think we can control things, but we can’t, and when I ponder why that might be, all I can think is that I loathe when people try to control me. …


As conscious beings we embody determinism when we act and behave in learned and formulaic ways, whereas free will happens when we live in the moment making choices using reasoning skills and based on current facts or circumstances.

Most people live life deterministically, that is they are trapped in behavioural and ego driven modalities and constructs which repeat unconsciously day in, day out.

A person who truly has free will steps outside of fear, ego and behaviour constructs making choices based on the greater good with their reasoning consciousness.

I know the person I want to be so does Damian…

Meta-human: the future of human experiences

Evolution, revolution, convolution.

Impulse, compulse.

Choice, surrender.

Freedom, slavery.

None and all.

Evolution from mind to soul

Still human.


Jessica Triana is a Fantasy & Speculative Fiction Author, and Consciousness Evolution writer who lives in Devon, UK. To find out more about Jessica as a writer check out her blog on wordpress jess.trianadeford.

When not writing she dances, knits, plays the violin, and in true e-activist style shares links to environmental and human rights petitions. If you want access to these links come add her on facebook/jessicatrianadeford

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Jessica Triana

Fantasy & Speculative Fiction Author

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